Using the UV Light on Thermo Fisher 1337 Biosafety Cabinet

Thermo Fisher Model 1337 Biological Safety Cabinets are equipped with a UV Lamp and a timer. This article will review how to properly setup and use the UV Light.

The Ultraviolet (UV) Light on a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is one of the main safety features, reducing bio-hazard risks for BSC users while reducing the incidence of sample contamination. Ultraviolet's efficacy for killing organisms, including viruses and bacteria is well documented in peer reviewed literature.


When To Use the UV Light

How often you use the UV Light depends on your use of the BSC and what materials or equipment might be inside the hood on an ongoing basis. An empty BSC is a much better candidate for UV Light use than a BSC full of equipment and/or samples. If fact, the presence of some equipment in the BSC might disqualify UV Light use, as the UV rays can affect plastics or other equipment components.

We recommend removing any samples or equipment before utilizing the UV Light.

The UV Light only operates when the window (also called a "sash") is in the closed position, thus a common practice is to use the UV Light at the end of the working day.


How to Set the UV Light Duration

The UV Light duration can be set from 0:00 hours to 24:00 hours in duration. A 0:00 hour setting is the same as disabling the UV Light for the BSC. Once the set time has elapsed, the UV will turn off but the BSC will remain On and in Low Power Mode.

    1. Turn the BSC On by holding down the ON button. Move the sash window to the working position.

    Thermo Fisher 1300 Turn On

    2. Press and hold the UV button until the preset time is displayed.

    Thermo Fisher 1300 BSC UV Timer

    3. To increase the UV Light duration, press the Outlet button (Top row, 3rd from Right). Each time the button is pressed, the duration will increase by 30 minutes.

    4. To decrease the UV Light duration, press Light button (Top row, 3rd from Left). Each time the button is pressed, the duration will decrease by 30 minutes.

    5. To save the value, press the UV button. The display will return to the normal screen which displays the operating hours of the BSC.


    How to Turn On the UV Light

    In order for the UV Light to activate, the BSC must be On and the sash window must be in the closed position.

    1. Turn the BSC On by holding down the ON button.

    2. With the sash in the closed position, press the UV button on the display. A yellow LED indicator light on the button will indicate that the UV Light is On.

    Thermo Fisher 1300 BSC UV Disinfection

    3. While the UV Light is on, the LED display will alternate between "dIS" and the remaining UV Light run time in a HH:MM format.

    Thermo Fisher 1300 BSC UV Timer

    To interrupt or cancel the UV Light, press the UV button and open the sash window.


    How to Troubleshoot a UV Light That Is Not Working

    The two most common solutions to UV Light issues are:

    1. The UV Light duration is set to 0:00. If this is the case, pressing the UV button with the sash closed will not turn on the UV Light. See the steps above to adjust the UV Light duration.

    2. The UV bulb is burnt out. Depending on use, a UV bulb can last over 20,000 hours (over 2 years of continuous use).

    Click HERE to purchase a replacement Thermo Fisher 1337 UV Bulb.